Thursday, October 28, 2010


For anyone following my blog I need to clear up a very serious assumption about me.

Although my blog looks and maybe smells (eww, that's disgusting) of kitty cat love, I must be very clear in telling you that I hate cats. And by "hate", I mean HATE and have fear of.

Some people don't like cats because of allergies. I consider my hatred of cats to be an emotional allergy. I have an emotional allergy to fish, but I'd rather eat a fish than pick up a cat without wearing body armor.

I've never met a cat that I liked.

A little kitten in a picture is adorable (see, I'm not heartless) and I don't support cat abuse, but a live cat within 5ft of me or dwelling in the same house as me is cause for nightmares.

That being said, I love the word "meow". It's fun to say, fun to write, and fun to get engraved on apple products...and thanks to Novio for the new Shuffle.



LJ, DC and ML said...


Becky said...

That is so funny! You're blog IS misleading. I couldn't remember if I had told you in a comment or on facebook that I didn't like cats and that I thought you might, so I looked back at the comments of your last post and saw you responded to my REALLY long comment.

I TOTALLY thought you spoke spanish from reading your blog. Interesting.

And I TOTALLY thought you would be a cat lover with the whole "MEOW" business. But, I loved this post and I feel the same way, even though my hate is mostly fueled by a physical allergy. Although, I have heard people argue that all allergies are rooted in emotional trama. Huh? I don't know.