Thursday, October 28, 2010


For anyone following my blog I need to clear up a very serious assumption about me.

Although my blog looks and maybe smells (eww, that's disgusting) of kitty cat love, I must be very clear in telling you that I hate cats. And by "hate", I mean HATE and have fear of.

Some people don't like cats because of allergies. I consider my hatred of cats to be an emotional allergy. I have an emotional allergy to fish, but I'd rather eat a fish than pick up a cat without wearing body armor.

I've never met a cat that I liked.

A little kitten in a picture is adorable (see, I'm not heartless) and I don't support cat abuse, but a live cat within 5ft of me or dwelling in the same house as me is cause for nightmares.

That being said, I love the word "meow". It's fun to say, fun to write, and fun to get engraved on apple products...and thanks to Novio for the new Shuffle.