Saturday, September 11, 2010

Root Canal

Has your jaw ever hurt so badly that you had to put your head on your desk while you contemplated calling the dentist and convinced yourself that you were in need of a root canal?

That's what happened to me. And then I took off my stupid headband and was fine about 3 seconds later.



Jenni said...

I can't say that I've ever had that experience. But, I currently have a very sensitive tooth and I'm really excited for my dentist appointment next month. I hope they can make it better. Quickly and painlessly.

Molly said...

Seriously? It was your headband?? Headbands often give me headaches, so I don't wear them much, but never a tooth ache. I'm glad to hear you didn't need a root canal.

LJ, DC and ML said...

If cat meows on the internet does that mean you'll put up a new blog post?:)

Becky said...

Hey girl! I'm Nates cuz. Not sure if you know who I am. But, I wanted more insight into who you are so I asked Nate, this past weekend when I saw him, if you had a blog and he graciously let me know you do, but you don't post very often.

That's good and bad. Good because I was able to read your whole blog history in about 20 minutes. Bad because the only new things I know about you are: You're a Democrat or you are just fed up with stupid Republicans. You like SNL. You like to run. You made an apron. You are a good multitasker. You know spanish...and like to listen to spanish lessons while running. You're a good writer and you should write more(often).

I think we have some things in common, though I don't know spanish. Wish I could know you better because I totally love your husband...I can say that, because I'm his cousin...I said that already...but just makin' sure. Anyway,just wanted to let you know, I enjoyed reading your blog and you have a new reader!

Oh, one thing I don't like, that I think you do like...cats! (allergic!) But, I hope you'll still be my friend and let me read your blog.

You're welcome for the freaky comment from Nathan's freaky cousin.

PS - I love cute! But can't wear them because they give me a headache. I feel your pain.

Ok, bye.

KMB said...

LJ- I may post something soon. Give me 3 months to consider it.

Becky- My blog must be misleading. I'm not a Democrat (although I have democratic leanings) and I don't really speak Spanish (although I took a class a few years ago), but the other stuff is correct!