Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally something to say...

I never post to my blog because I have nothing interesting to say. That was until yesterday.

I ran the SLC half marathon a few weeks ago. It was great and hard and I finished and then I ached and ached. I took some time off and decided that yesterday I would go for a jog for the first time since the race.

I ran down the street and over to the freeway overpass and started making my way back home. All of the sudden I felt a hard slap on my bum. I gasped and looked to the left and there was jerk-faced punk kid zipping past me on a bike.

Actually, I didn't see his face. But, I'm certain that anyone who would do that most certainly is a jerk-face. Also, I've had a few people ask, so in case you were going to ask too, the answer is no. No, this was not an accident. It was definitely intentional.

I did not appreciate being assulted, although I imagine that he did not appreciate what I called him.

As he passed me and as I yelled, he sped off into the distance and I don't know which way he went. I would have called the cops if he had come back around, if he seemed to be a dirty old man or if were an old lady. But really, as I said, I think he was a jerk-faced teen or 20-something with incredilby poor manners.

Despite the saga, I still love running in the ghetto.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It’s been a while. The holidays are always busy, but really that’s just an excuse. The real reason is that I’m lazy, but I’m happy and here’s why:

1. Have you stepped outside in the last few days? I realize that changing weather patterns are a sign of global warming BUT let’s forget that for a minute. I can’t help but smile when it’s 70+ degrees in January. It makes me feel like I’m cheating the system in the very best kind of way.

2. I’ve started running again consistently with plans to do a half marathon in April. We ran up a nasty hill yesterday and it was great!

3. Santa treated me very well this last Christmas.

4. I made an apron. Upon close inspection one might find some major flaws, but from a distance it’s a fantastic little thing. I had such a good time making it that I almost want to make another. We’ll see- that could go against my lazy-esque habits.

5. I’ve been to San Francisco four times in the last month and that place just makes me smile. Two of the trips involved Eliza’s spicy chicken and the other two involved being on a boat in the bay.

6. I set some 2009 goals that, while challenging, are very much doable.

7. I always have a good time.

8. Novio es fantastico. And I don’t care if that isn’t grammatically or linguistically correct.

9. Yes we can! Next Tuesday is a big, key day. I've waited for it for eight long years.

10. For dinner last night I ate as much of Big Mike’s popcorn as I could consume and then for dessert I had a brownie.