Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally something to say...

I never post to my blog because I have nothing interesting to say. That was until yesterday.

I ran the SLC half marathon a few weeks ago. It was great and hard and I finished and then I ached and ached. I took some time off and decided that yesterday I would go for a jog for the first time since the race.

I ran down the street and over to the freeway overpass and started making my way back home. All of the sudden I felt a hard slap on my bum. I gasped and looked to the left and there was jerk-faced punk kid zipping past me on a bike.

Actually, I didn't see his face. But, I'm certain that anyone who would do that most certainly is a jerk-face. Also, I've had a few people ask, so in case you were going to ask too, the answer is no. No, this was not an accident. It was definitely intentional.

I did not appreciate being assulted, although I imagine that he did not appreciate what I called him.

As he passed me and as I yelled, he sped off into the distance and I don't know which way he went. I would have called the cops if he had come back around, if he seemed to be a dirty old man or if were an old lady. But really, as I said, I think he was a jerk-faced teen or 20-something with incredilby poor manners.

Despite the saga, I still love running in the ghetto.