Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Lenessa...

(and the other three people who know this blog exists)

It turns out that I forgot to post one single time in 2011.  I was busy, or I didn't feel like it, or maybe I just forgot that I have a blog.  Whatever the reason it was a good year I -
  • Got a new job (same company, just a new team)
  • Took some nice trips (Big Island, Tetons, Yellowstone, UT, of course Tahoe)
  • Got pregnant (hub-a-hub-a)
  • Bought a house (and therefore got a remodeled kitchen)
I am probably forgetting some stuff, but those are the highlights.  I'm sure you are very grateful that I have now updated you AND used bullet points.  I love me some bullets.  If only I could put together a quick .ppt deck.....but alas I can't because -
  • I hate using anything microsoft on my mac
  • I only create decks for money (i.e. when I'm working)
  • I'm not working right now because the pregnancy from the 2011 update got me about 4 months of maternity leave (and let it be known that that kid is pretty rad - i.e. sleeps like a freaking champ)
So why I am writing?  Because this morning as I was boiling a nipple shield (best invention ever),  I thought about the last thing I boiled, which was homemade chocolate pudding.   And the last time I made the pudding was for you (Lenessa).  There, we've come full circle.

All of this made me think that maybe I should start a new blog about chocolate.  The blog could be a called chocOlot or foc (friend of chocolate).  It could be all of the recipes that I love that have chocolate in them -
  • Cake
  • Cookies
  • Pudding
  • Brownies
  • Bar Cookies
  • Pie
  • Candy
  • Frosting (yes, this is totally its own category)
  • Bread
  • And more
(more bullets you're welcome)

It may take me another several years to actually start this blog, but I am thinking about it.