Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Lenessa,

Where are you? One of the ways that I stalk you is by reading your blog. And you haven't posted in ages. Either post or let's make a date. Or both.


PS- Mr. Frisby this for you.


Jared said...

I never realized that my comment about the drought of blog posts would result in two posts in a single day! It's a Festivus miracle! Also, I agree with your other post. Mr. Wright is a good man.

Molly said...

Seriously, Lenessa. You need to start blogging at work or something. You have an excuse this week because you were out of town. And the other week for girl's camp. But no other excuses, missy.

Speaking of blogging more, I wish Ms. Meeeeow would blog more...

Hint, hint.